We have completed the first series of angel investment workshops with ATI in the City of Chandler… we are now seeking individuals interested in becoming PHXEV Angel Investors for our Gilbert, AZ Workshop series.

These workshops will be free and designed to provide those with the knowledge and tools needed to start investing immediately.

What Potential Angels Will Learn:
– How investment decisions are made
– How deals are structured
– How to build a diverse portfolio
– How exits occur, generating ROI

But most importantly, how YOU can generate return on investment while helping to grow businesses in our region.

These workshops are for anyone who wants to invest in PHX East Valley tech startups and is an “accredited investor” per the definition set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. To be an accredited investor, individuals must have a net worth over $1M (excluding value of primary residence), or annual personal income over $200k, or annual family income over $300k.

We will be offering three 2 hour workshop sessions in Gilbert, Arizona starting in May! Initial details are below with updates forthcoming!

Workshop Session #1

  • Focus:
    • Winners: #PHXEastValley Successful Startups: The PHX East Valley is home to some of Arizona’s top startups. Hear the stories of how they started and how local angel investors helped accelerate them to success by investing in their newly formed businesses. And meet founders of some local startups early on their paths to offer new products to solve customer problems.
    • How to Evaluate a Startup with No Revenue: It wasn’t all that long ago that we lived without Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Uber. Yet all of these changed the world. Each started out as a brainstorm by a few individuals that were first funded by Angels before becoming the most valuable companies on earth. Their Angel Investors and current Angel Investors use the same techniques to evaluate opportunities — learn these techniques.
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Workshop Session #2

  • When: Wednesday, May 16th from 5:30-7:30pm
  • Where: Gilbert University Building | 92 W. Vaughn Ave.
  • Focus:
    • Is This Company Worth It? Angel Investors are scarce and entrepreneurs seeking capital are abundant. That means that investors can select which companies are attractive enough to invest in. “Attractive Enough” has two parts:  the company prospects have to be good (as discussed in Session 2) and the economic outcome must be sufficiently high to justify the allocation of funds to a particular opportunity. Learn the techniques for valuing opportunities that have no direct history and where to each opportunity fits into a portfolio of investment opportunities — Learn these techniques.
    • Setting the Terms of a Deal: Investing in a startup is not like investing in a NYSE or NASDAQ listed company: once in, you’re in for an extended period.  Since Angels can’t get out of an investment quickly, learn how they structure their investments to reduce the risk and help a company become successful.
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Workshop Session #3

  • When: Wednesday, June 6th from 5:30-7:30pm
  • Where: Gilbert University Building | 92 W. Vaughn Ave.
  • Focus:
    • Trends in Investing, with a Nod to Venture Capital: Startups are emerging in Arizona in software, semiconductors, medical devices and other fields all the time.  Arizona is not Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley is not the entire U.S.  Some trends apply everywhere; others are localized, and all of them matter. Learn which comparisons are important and which are not. And learn how Angels and VCs are dependent upon each other… to a point.
    • Angel Investing – Doing It: Individuals invest as Angels in several ways: alone or together in groups sharing intelligence. They can be active or passive. They can have a little of each. Learn the differences and how to take action that suits you.
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